Great Game Ideas Generated by AI

Need great games ideas ? Ask Ludo - The AI games ideas platform




Great games ideas powered by AI

Need an idea for a hit new game? Hyper-casual game creation becoming hyper-stressful? Just ask Ludo...


Ludo is the game developer’s best friend and a world’s first. At present in open beta, Ludo is a powerful and streamlined Artificial Intelligence platform that helps games creators come up with new hit game ideas. Using machine learning and natural language processing to create new game concepts 24 hours a day, Ludo is a lifesaver for quick, impactful games concepts.

Simple, Powerful Search

Use Ludo’s intuitive search, and through the power of AI, it does the rest.  Search across any genre, game store, and game platform.


Ludo takes the input and searches its vast database returning games that are relevant to what you're looking for. Ludo works across multiple genres and platforms - from hyper-casual mobile games to hardcore console videogames, Ludo can also generate creative and surprising games concepts.

Multiple games concepts at your fingertips

Ludo is built on a database of close to 1 million games and, once instructed, generates multiple written game concepts and illustrates them with artwork and images. Most importantly, Ludo saves you time and stress - making the game ideation process quick, easy, efficient and fun.